• Trent Zeller
    [ Rig Manager Rig 77 ]

    I would like to express the diligence and professional attitude of Al Garraf Oil service, Camp boss Khaled Saadeh towards our operation here in Iraq at Nabors Rig 77 . The Camp Boss and his team has done a excellent job of keeping the food quality and overall camp hygiene up to high standards.

    The camp runs very smoothly with cleaning, cooking, laundry all happening 24hrs a day. With 100 POB on board almost all the time and many different members coming and going and crews working 2 shifts. There is never any shortage of food, deserts, and different varieties of meals to suit any nationality to make it as nice of a place to stay, that can be done to keep all comfortable and happy. The hygiene and cleanliness is very good and if there is ever any minor issues brought up they are dealt with quickly and with professionalism. The quality of services are getting better day by day,all our people feel at home here.
    As Rig Manager, I'm very pleased of his proficiency in handling any situations that has arisen here on Rig 77. I am giving him my full support and gratitude towards the job he has done for the rig.
  • Les Caron
    [ SWSS HPM Iraq ]
    2. Iraq

    I would like to communicate that the catering team has been performing their duties Very Well. Also I am pleasantly surprised to find out how everyone on location is
    Very Happy with the progress since the recent move. Mr. Khalid and Mr. Zacharia with the support of staff have made the transition happen easy this time Thanks.
    I would like to thank Khalid also for making sure the daily extra cost have been well looked over during the Rig Move w/ all extra support staff, I know it is not easy and demands a lot of scrutinizing and a rigid supervision. As the Senior Wellsite Supervisor representing Halliburton PM I am happy with this good performance.
    I would also like to time and thank our new Head Cook Mr.Salameh Jarrah for all of his efforts and taking over the Kitchen and doing so very well from the beginning
    very well done and greatly appreciated. I would like to pass on to everyone a great appreciation of the effort done during the rig move and continuing efforts to make life so much better for us all while we are away from our family.

    Ongoing inspections in both kitchen and different rooms. Have again resulted in staff is very happy. No complaints have been brought to my attention. Again this is only possible with the hard work performed by all the catering staff and the hard work on making sure it is done due to good supervisors. At this time I would like to take time and send my Best Wishes to all of our Staff And their Family and Wish all of you a Great New Year. Hope to see you again in 2012

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